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The Best of 2021

Best of 2021 - image of sandy beach with 2021 going out to sea and 2022 present

I always enjoy it when people share their favorites - it's a compilation of what really works for people! you'll find a little bit of everything. Here are 21 of my favorites for 2021 as well as a look forward to what I am excited about for 2022:

  1. Moments of gratitude: seeing my dad and sister in person again. Thank you science! I think that these past two years have made me realize how precious those relationships are!

  2. Streaming Show: Ted Lasso. This AppleTV show remained one of my favorite streaming shows. It’s a feel-good show that really isn’t necessarily about soccer (although it centers around soccer). People are kind to one another and uplift each other and deal with some really difficult things in healthy ways.

  3. Network Show: America's Got Talent. I am continually amazed at the talented people who appear on this show, and talent manifests itself in so many forms!

  4. Best Lipstick: Buxom Full Force Plumping Lipstick in the color Influencer. I tend to wear lipstick every day, even in the year of Zoom meetings. I love the formula and the color, and I love how it evenly fades.

  5. Favorite Podcast: Online Marketing Made Easy. I stopped listening to many podcasts since I no longer commute. I really enjoy this one by Amy Porterfield. She talks about small, online businesses as well as creating online courses to help sustain your business. She always has interesting guests and interesting topics.

  6. New Discovery: Happy Planner. I found the Happy Planner systems during the month of December and think it’s a genius concept! I like it because you can move things around and add in your own page layouts. There are some Etsy shops that sell templates that you can print. The flexibility is what makes it so versatile. I have tried different planners and now use a combination of digital and paper.

  7. Favorite YouTube Channel: The Organized Money. I found this YouTube channel in December as well, and Alaina uses the Happy Planner system. I’ve been enjoying her approach to how she plans her life, business, finances, learning in her planners. It’s doable. I think she teaches many of the same things that I teach, so I think it’s brilliant how she linked them all together!

  8. Best productivity tip: creating routines. There are days when seems like there is more to do than there is time to do it. But I am in the season of life where I have a little more time for me, and I didn’t want to only spend it on watching TV. Routines, specifically my morning routine, have been an amazing way to accomplish what is important to me.

  9. Interesting organizing information: Clutter Bug. I always enjoy it when people realize that there is not just one way to do things. Cassandra has created 4 organizational styles and has a quiz to identify your style. She also has a YouTube channel and a show on HGTV called “Hot Mess House”.

  10. My favorite blog post: How to Deal with Digital Overload. This was something that I really needed this past year and