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How to Create Daily Routines

how to create daily routines

Natalia works full time and is a wife and mother who is also creating an online business. She knows that she should build in time to exercise during the day, but her early mornings are spent on her business. In fact, she has built a morning routine that is serving her well. Her after-work routine is another story: she has the best intentions to work on her business or her fitness. Instead, she sits in front of the TV to unwind for a few minutes. Those few minutes turn into the 5:00 local news, the 5:30 national news, and the 6:00 local news. She usually cooks dinner and she and her husband clean up. By 7:00, Natalia no longer feels like working on the business or working out.

Here's a secret: Natalia is actually me. This was my after-work routine for much of the pandemic. When I started researching information for this blog post, I decided to write down what my actual routine was vs. what I thought it was. Seeing this in writing was a lightbulb moment for me and I had to laugh while exclaiming "How Fascinating". But I didn't realize how my after-work routine wasn't serving me until I brought awareness to it.

Why should you create routines?

Routines give some structure to your day. I've found that routines help me accomplish my priorities while still allowing for flexibility. The routine has become a part of my day, and I find that I no longer have to work at motivating myself. My morning routine and after-work routine have helped me become efficient. I have simple morning and after-work routines. I am also developing my end-of-work routine. I created my morning routine this past year and follow it, even before my first cup of coffee. By doing this, I am ready for any opportunity that may arise.

It's funny because I used to think that a routine wasn't for me because I love being spontaneous. My simple routines actually provide a springboard so that I am ready for spontaneity.


“Little by little, a little becomes a lot” – Tanzanian Proverb


Step #1: Choose one time-of-day routine

There are several times of day where a routine may serve you well. This may change as you move through different phases of your life. Here are some routines that you may want to check out:

  • Early morning routine

  • Get the kids out the door for school