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You’re in the right place if you want to create a joy-filled life. Are you feeling overwhelmed, overworked, or overextended? Perhaps you say to yourself things like “I’ve got 10,000 things to do today”. Or maybe you wonder how everyone else has it all together and can accomplish so much so effortlessly.


This website is for people who want to:

  • Live a joy-filled life (and figure out what might be standing in your way)

  • Maximize efficiency (and work on what really matters to you)

  • Reduce procrastination (and understand why you procrastinate)

  • Create small habits that elevate your effectiveness (and let go of what doesn’t)

  • Overcome overwhelm (and realize that you can actually overcome overwhelm)


I am Nicole Soer, and I like to ask myself the question “How can I create a better life”? As an eternal and curious optimist, I have been on a quest to figure out this answer because I have felt overworked, overwhelmed, and under-joyed at various points in my life. What I have discovered is that small actions and strategies will create a joy-filled life and help overcome overwhelm! 


I have spent many years in IT as well as training and development and enjoy focusing on process improvement, whether it is a business process or a personal framework. I also have a Master’s degree in Psychology. 


On, I share things that have had a positive effect on my life. The answers are rooted in research as well as self-experiments. Some of these may work for you! I approach these self-experiments with a curious mind. Here’s one big take away: I have found curiosity works much better than guilt and shame!


These are some things that I have discovered:

  • Why practicing mindfulness has been one of the greatest gifts to myself

  • How to shift my mindset and my thoughts that aren’t serving me well

  • When to challenge my procrastination

  • How to self-motivate, especially when I don’t feel like it

  • Why I have created systems to increase my daily efficiency

  • How to implement small habit shifts into my daily life


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These are the lessons I've learned to become much more productive. I found these lessons so powerful, that I wanted to share them. Are you over-whelmed, over-extended, overworked, or an overthinker? I know they will help you, too!.

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