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7 Podcasts that Will Make You Laugh or Think

The best thing about podcasts is that you can listen and learn or be entertained anywhere and anytime. I've gotten hooked on these seven podcasts and am binge-listening when I have a chance. Of course, I love these but need to know what else I should be listening to!

I enjoy Conan's podcast and was surprised when I listened to his first few. I wasn't necessarily a fan of his TV show (or had trouble staying awake), but I find his podcast smart and funny while going into surprising depth on topics.

Both late night talk show hosts have their shows in podcast format and provide my look at daily news as well as authors and thought-leaders. The added benefit is I don't have to stay up late to watch!

Marie always seems to have a guest or topic that I need in a particular moment. I love her philosophy (and the title of her book), Everything is Figureoutable.

She shares her online marketing tips and has the best freebies. You can tell she is as passionate about her topic as she is knowledgeable! I love her genuine interest in her interviews and in her solo podcasts where she is just speaking to her audience.

Adam is an organizational psychologist who is out to make your work life better since you spend so much of your day there.

Brooke is a life coach who teaches a self-coaching model that looks at thoughts, feelings and outcomes. She also talks about success and work and taking action on your dreams.

What are your go-to podcasts?


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