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Favorites of 2020

Favorites of 2020

The beginning of a new year seems to prompt a lot of "favorites" and "best of" lists. As I reflect back on 2020. My biggest takeaway for 2020 is how much I need connections to other people! I thought that this favorites list my spur some discussion because I always like to know what others recommend.

Here are some of my favorites for 2020:

Favorite Non-Fiction Book

Atomic Habits, James Clear

This is one of those books that offer so many gems and so much wisdom! I used his 2 minutes to get started as a springboard for my 2-Minute Tool.

Favorite Fiction Book

The Paris Architect, Charles Belfoure

This is a beautiful and harrowing story of deeply courageous people during a dark time in our world's history.

Favorite Mantra (Based on the book of the same name by Marie Forleo)

Everything is Figureoutable, Marie Forleo

I read the book at the beginning of 2020 and practiced the mantra frequently this year. I even created and printed a poster for my office. Whenever I would get stuck on something, I would put it aside momentarily and say the mantra out loud, write it down several times, and then I would write "Everything is figureoutable, especially _______." It got me unstuck enough.

Favorite Streaming Series