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Create Momentum for 2021: Figure Out Your Life Buckets

create momentum for 2021 with meaning & purpose

“There are years that ask questions, and years that answer.” Zora Neal Hurston, Their Eyes Were Watching God


What wisdom Zora expressed in her 1937 novel and how timely it is for these last few days of 2020.

This month, we looked at bright spots in 2020, we looked at 20 things to be grateful for in 2020, and now we are creating momentum going into 2021. By looking at the bright spots as well as what we are grateful for, we start to uncover what is deeply important for us. And by figuring out what is really important to us, we can plan our lives and create habits that keep moving us in that direction.

A great tool to bring awareness to various areas of your life is the idea of a life bucket. This is taken from the idea of the Wheel of Life, which is a business coaching tool that was developed in the '60s. It's a way to help figure out what is most important to you (a.k.a., your values, your meaning, your purpose). It helps live your life intentionally rather than by default. After all, who hasn't spent hours scrolling/surfing/binge-watching mindlessly? By figuring out what is most important to us, we can guide our time towards what is most important.

Meaning & Purpose: Life Bucket Categories

Ask yourself: which four areas are the most important to you? There is no correct answer to this, and the importance in various categories can and will change throughout your life.

  • Physical Environment

  • Finances

  • Business/Career/School

  • Health/Nutrition

  • Relationships

  • Personal Growth/Learning