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2-Minute Tuesday #Anti-Procrastination Day

I am creating a holiday! There is National Donut Day, Siblings Day, National Macadamia Nut Day, so why not create a weekly anti-procrastination day! Here is to 2-Minute Tuesday #anti-procrastination day.

The rules are pretty simple: pick something that you have been putting off and spend just 2 minutes doing it. I think the most important thing is getting started. This is not the time to overthink or get sentimental about things. You just want to create a quick win. I have spent most of my 2-Minute Tuesdays with decluttering.

Here are the 2-Minute Tuesday Anti-Procrastination challenges that I have chosen. Do these or choose your own!

September 1, 2020: Photos. I am going to go through digital photos to get rid of ones that are blurry or screenshots. Phones take such great pictures that are easy to store. Since they are so easy to store, I have a bad habit of not deleting pictures that I don't want. Then when I get a new phone, there are so many pictures that it is a daunting task to go through them. So I back them all up (Samsung_062020). As a result, I have thousands and thousands of pictures.

August 25, 2020: Mail and paperwork (found $50)!

August 18, 2020: Email

August 11, 2020: Costume jewelry that I no longer wear - donate or throw out.

August 4, 2020: Clothes that I no longer wear - donate or throw out.

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