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2-Minute Tuesday #Anti-Procrastination Day

I am creating a holiday! There is National Donut Day, Siblings Day, National Macadamia Nut Day, so why not create a weekly anti-procrastination day! Here is to 2-Minute Tuesday #anti-procrastination day.

2-minute declutter Tuesday #anti-procrastination day

The rules are pretty simple: pick something that you have been putting off and spend just 2 minutes doing it. I think the most important thing is getting started. This is not the time to overthink or get sentimental about things. You just want to create a quick win. I have spent most of my 2-Minute Tuesdays decluttering. Once you are finished, celebrate your success - sing at the top of your lungs, dance...

Here are the 2-minute Tuesday Anti-Procrastination challenges that I have chosen. Do these or choose your own! And remember, you can do anything for 2 minutes!!


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Week 1: Take a moment and write down what you need to do. Before diving into your digital life (calendar, email, ToDoist, Asana, etc.), take a deep cleansing breath and write down three things you need to do today.

Week 2: Lightbulbs. Find lightbulbs that need to be replaced and replace them with LED bulbs. Keep the lightbulbs in an easily accessible place so you can change them quickly. Of course, maybe for you, the lightbulb is more metaphorical. In that case, find a good spot to keep all of your a-ha ideas!

Week 3: Do absolutely nothing. For two minutes, try to do nothing but breathe. Sit or lay down in a quiet place and do nothing - no music, no notifications, no TV in the background, no planning. You may have to set a timer for 2 minutes because when you first start doing this, 2 minutes can seem like an eternity!

Week 4: Bills & paper statements. I've been helping my dad manage his bills and feel like there is paper everywhere! I spent 2 minutes gathering them, opening them, and figuring out what needs to be paid and what needs to be saved, etc. What felt like a monumental task was really quite manageable when I broke it down!

Week 5: Clean out the freezer. I spent 2 minutes pulling stuff out of the bottom of the freezer (it is one of those bottom drawer styles). I found 3 bags of chopped broccoli that I was probably going to make broccoli cheddar soup with but just didn't (probably because the broccoli ended up at the bottom of the freezer)! I spent another 2 minutes arranging my frozen food like a filing cabinet - all of the frozen food packages are now arranged vertically in hopes that they don't get stacked up so I can't see things.

Week 6: Cookbooks. I have a lot of cookbooks that I no longer use. When I cook now, I either make something so simple that I don't need to use a cookbook (steak bites and asparagus) or I find something on the Internet. I do have cookbooks that have meaning - a gift from my grandma, a fundraiser for an organization I was in, a cookbook that my aunt wrote, or recipes from my childhood. These all stay! I will donate the others.

Week 7: Breathe. In and out. Pay attention to your breath and feel your shoulders or anywhere else you are holding tension begin to soften. Breathe. In and out.

Week 8: Menus, coupons, receipts. Check out your bulletin board, desk drawer, side of your refrigerator, and recycle those menus, coupons, receipts. I found one from 2017 when I did this. Most menus are online these days. Delete those emails, too!

Week 9: Automations. What can you automate? Perhaps it's automatically saving $100 from each paycheck. Do you have emails from an industry source or a listserv that you need to save but don't have to reference often? Check out Outlook email rules. Set up your bills on autopay.

Week 10: Add in 2 minutes of exercise. I did countertop pushups (leaning against the kitchen counter and doing a modified pushup), squats, and jogged in place for a total of 2 minutes. If you are a walker, try 2 minutes of speed walking. I did these 2 minutes of exercise first thing in the morning and it encouraged me to add in more movement throughout the day. 2 minutes may not make a huge difference in my overall physical fitness, but it got me started!

Week 11: Today is all about paperwork. Do you need to organize bills or file for an LLC or get a Power of Attorney for financial and healthcare decisions? Are your insurance policies in a place where your family can find them? Do you have paper copies of bills that you no longer need? File, sign, shred, make an appointment, or whatever needs to be done for 2 minutes today!

Week 12: Take donations to the donation center. I have been gathering up things to donate with my weekly anti-procrastination day declutters. Today, I am taking them to the car and driving to the donation center! Check your local areas to find places that need gently used items that are in good condition (otherwise, just throw it away or recycle it).

Week 13: Declutter office supplies. I am gathering up paper clips, binder clips, etc. I have a strange abundance of these!

Week 14: Unused professional clothing. Work-from-home and generally more casual workplaces mean that I no longer need a lot of professional clothing anymore. Suit jackets, my dad's ties, uncomfortable dress shoes - decluttering!

Week 15: Household chores. With helping my dad downsize, I have neglected things at my house. And then when they get neglected, stuff seems to become a magnet for other things! Granted, this was more than two minutes, but I decided to catch up on Suits while catching up on household chores. The 2-minute anti-procrastination exercise was mostly devoted to making my bed. This led to wanting more order and tidiness (and only 3 Suits episodes).

Week 16: Kitchen stuff. My dad downsized his apartment, and I brought his extra stuff to my house to go through. This week, it's his kitchen stuff and figuring out what can stay and what can go!

Week 17: Photos. I am going to go through digital photos to get rid of ones that are blurry or screenshots. Phones take such great pictures that are easy to store. Since they are so easy to store, I have a bad habit of not deleting pictures that I don't want. Then when I get a new phone, there are so many pictures that it is a daunting task to go through them. So I back them all up (Samsung_062020). As a result, I have thousands and thousands of pictures.

Week 18: Mail and paperwork (found $50)!

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