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Your Future Self Thanks You

Picture yourself five, ten, or twenty years in the future.

I like to tell my daughter that 40 year old Liz will thank current Liz for wearing sunscreen regularly. I am not sure she completely believes me. What will your future self thank your current self for?

Thank you for:

  • going to graduate school

  • walking 10,000 steps a day

  • sticking with a relationship during the tougher times

  • letting go of a relationship that isn't working

  • starting a business

  • leaving a stressful job

  • getting fired

  • learning a new skill

  • taking a class to uplevel a skill

  • spending more time with a loved one

  • investing regularly in a 401K

Whether it is finances, relationships, health, or career, you are creating your future self today! What do you want your future self to thank you for?

Share in the comments. I'd love to support you in creating your future self!



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