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TikTok and Mindfulness

I get a little geeky over software and apps. (See my blog post on my favorite low-cost and no-cost software for training). One app that has fascinated me lately is TikTok, an app that is growing in popularity, which I found through a LinkedIn article by Gary Vaynerchuk. I know that I skew a bit (or a lot) older than their intended demographic, but it’s potential is intriguing. It provides a simple way to create and share short videos. Easy and quick? Sign me up!

An easy-to-use app is one thing. What I really want to know is potential use case scenarios. How can I or others use it effectively? I am probably not ready to release my dance-while-cooking home videos, but asI was driving to work this week, I crossed the Mississippi river and there was a gorgeous mist nestled in the valley. I thought that breath-taking nature images might be a great way to share a mindful moment - a moment to simply take a slow breath and be in the present moment. So that is how I am going to use the app for now. I would love to know other ideas you see for this app! Visit my TikTok page and use it as a cue to take a moment to breathe.



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