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Three Words to Reflect on Everyday

We are all processing our current crisis differently; our worries and challenges vary dramatically, as well. It is a time that calls for both humanity and connection. Let’s start with ourselves because as the oxygen-mask-on-a-plane metaphor goes, we have to take care of ourselves so that we have something to give and share with others.

I recently read an interview with Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx, and she mentioned a three-word reflection that she and her family practices every day at dinner.

Rose. Thorn. Bud.

Rose is the good part(s) of your day. Thorn is the not-so-good part(s) of your day. Bud is something that you are looking forward to.

Throughout our current quarantine, I’ve been singularly focused on the good things, mainly time, and the benefits that it has afforded me, decluttering my house (Use It? Need it? Love it? Lose it! and How I Declutter) and finishing up some projects. I have also spent a lot of time learning and creating and playing the piano for enjoyment. I have started a 10,000-steps-a-day challenge at work. My husband and I have actually cooked most of our meals together and gotten to eat dinner together every night. These are the good parts of every single day: the roses.

I will admit, as an eternal optimist, I have pushed aside the thorns in my day, namely not being able to see my dad. He lives in a senior living apartment, and they are being extremely cautious about visitors. I am extremely grateful for this. I dropped off a goody bag for him yesterday, and he happened to be in the lobby. The staff let us visit - I was standing in the vestibule, he was standing in the lobby, and the staff person kept pushing the button to keep the door open. I started crying which was not how I wanted that brief time to go. It was, however, an important lesson to me. I need to regularly acknowledge that life has thorns, the sticky, messy parts.

And then there are the buds. I think our quarantine has made me realize which “buds” are important. First and foremost, connecting with family and friends. Staying on top of household tasks so that they don’t turn into projects. Learning and growing and challenging myself. Cooking food and exercising.

Life has the rose AND the thorns AND the buds. It is so important to acknowledge and cherish all three.



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