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Ban the Bullet Point: Let Images Tell the Real Story

Picture a glorious summer sunrise on a lakeshore. The sun is radiating a gentle warmth, the sky is a beautiful blue, and the lake is calm. All point to the promise of a fun, adventure-filled day. Now imagine this scenario as a typical PowerPoint or Google slide:

Bullet Pointed Slide

Yes, it fits the 6 X 6 PowerPoint design criteria, but you are missing a huge opportunity. Let's try banning the bullet point and rework this slide so that instead of text, you display this image and share a story:

As a little girl, I had the fondest memories of going to the beach every summer. In July, our extended family from all around the country would gather at Current Lake. We spent all of our time in the water, jumping off the dock, riding jet skis, mastering water skis, floating mindlessly, fishing, and telling tales of the big fish we caught during previous trips. It was an idyllic way to spend our summers...

All organizations, whether non-profit or for-profit, have anecdotes to tell about the value that their products or services bring to customers or clients. Check out this article about the power of images and stories. And as the article says: "Stories inform, illuminate, and inspire--all the things entrepreneurs strive to do." Your story helps connect with your audience and that's one of the greatest presentation strategies you can have!



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