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4 Lessons I Learned from my Trip to Magnolia Market

I just returned from vacation in Texas and spent a day in Waco touring all of the Magnolia sites. We started at the Magnolia Table restaurant, went to Magnolia Market and the Silos, and finished up at the original Magnolia store (which is now a discount center). For those who may not know, Magnolia is the brainchild of Chip and Joanna Gaines, stars of the HGTV show, Fixer Upper. It's become a mecca for DIY and home decor enthusiasts, drawing 50,000 tourists a week according to one source.

The popularity of all things Magnolia had me reflecting on several takeaways from my trip.

Magnolia Table Take Away

1: Live Intentionally

Magnolia is a tribute to home and nurturing family and friends. In a recent interview, Joanna shared that when she first started decorating, she tried to create perfect spaces. She now builds spaces intentionally and wants everyone to feel at home. She wants spaces to tell stories and be filled with meaningful and well-edited spaces. And the grounds of the Silos are just like this - a grassy place for families to play, food and drinks, and lots of tables to sit and enjoy.

2: Let Go

Joanna has also shared that Magnolia was divinely inspired, and she reflects that by letting go of her original, small Magnolia store, she was able to make room for this wonderful company that she and Chip built. Isn't this a wonderful lesson for all of us? Let go of something to make room for something much better!

3: See Possibilities

Waco is undergoing a revitalization. In a conversation with a security guard at the Silos, my husband and I learned that the popularity of Magnolia has infused new life and money into Waco, although some are quick to point out that Waco's revitalization is multifaceted. They pay their people well and employ a lot of people. But beyond the economic boost for Waco, the one thing that makes an impact on me is how they take something that is run-down or doesn't function well and breathe new life into it. Their weekly show demonstrated this in every single episode. They see possibilities in all things.

4: Embrace Simplicity

The graphic side of Magnolia is black, white and natural wood. The building exteriors, the building interiors, the flooring, the restrooms, the bean bag chairs on the Silos lawn, the food trucks. This simplicity is timeless, helps create their brand and also lessens decision fatigue. "What color should we paint it? White."



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