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The 3-Step Guide to Get Stuff Done

Is it possible to get stuff done with less stress and less overwhelm? Yes! 

In this FREE guide, I’m sharing my 3-step, tried-and-true process: the Get Stuff Done Toolkit.

​If you're ready to get stuff done, prioritize what's important, tame your mental to-do list, and still have time for pickleball (or whatever brings you joy), this is for you!​ 

Are you like me (or like I used to be)?
  • you keep Post-it notes attached to your computer with things you need to do

  • you wake up in the middle of the night thinking about what you forgot to do

  • you wake up in the morning with thoughts like "I've got 10,000 things to do this week"

  • you feel like you are busy but not always getting stuff done

  • you are constantly intrigued by new planners and apps to help you manage your to-do lists

I'm Nicole, a productivity coach. After a lifetime of mastering the art of procrastination, reading all the productivity books, and thinking everyone else was much more organized with their time, I discovered the 3-step process I'm sharing with you. The best part? It's simple. Accomplishing things and finding joy doesn't have to be complex.


The Get Stuff Done Toolkit gives you a clear view of what needs to be done, tames your time-related stress, and helps you stay both organized and focused while making time for what matters in your life!

You've got this!


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