Purposeful Productivity: Mindset

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Do you feel overworked or overwhelmed? Perhaps you feel overextended? Maybe you feel like things take your forever to accomplish or you just don’t know where to start on a project. Or maybe you wonder how everyone else has it all together and can accomplish so much so effortlessly. I felt like that, too. But it turns out that it wasn't perfect organizing systems or personality traits; I had to tame my thoughts that I was an imposter and unorganized and unproductive. It turns out my productivity deficiencies weren't about the perfect systems or processes or even innate ability; it was about overcoming negative thought patterns and how I was showing up in my daily life and at work. Now, I am sharing with you the small shifts in a step-by-step format that I have used to become purposefully productive. This 5-day program introduces mindset. You get daily prompts explaining how to do each step plus mindset checks at the end of each day.

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Nicole Soer
Nicole Soer